One of the best exercises one can do when thoroughly bored at work is to pick three words that best describe you.

My first word: Compassionate

When I ran over my first squirrel and stopped to cry over it’s carcass in the middle of the road, I realized something must be chemically imbalanced.

My second word:  Intelligent

I would consider myself a ‘well-read’ and knowledgeable person. I love to read books of all kind and my hunger for knowledge and news of the world is never sated. I would also label myself as well spoken and I pride myself on my ability to debate a subject extremely well.

Speaking of ‘well-read’, I am constantly amazed that we have not done anything to raise the national average literacy level from grade 4 to at least graduated. I guess that is fodder for another soapbox post.

Third word: Dramatic

I have always had a flare for the arts. As you can see from the majority of my posts so far, anything that has to do with my personal life is usually blown out of proportion. I still have not figured out if this was a case of genes or environment, but it’s rather annoying to keep this in check all the time. 


So now that you’ve seen me describe myself, here is where I barrage you with facts.

My real name is Kate Baker. I am a 29 year old, recently divorced, single mom with three beautiful children. While I won’t turn this into a personal ad, I figure if you’re reading my stuff, you’d be curious about who actually penned (or typed) it.

 If you’d like to email me to discuss anything you’ve seen here or continue the comments off line, you can reach me at : kate.baker@gmail.com.

Thanks so much for visiting!


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