Weekend Assignment #153: When Computers Attack

February 22, 2007 at 8:57 pm Leave a comment

Weekend Assignment #153: When Computers Attack

Ever since my father had a stroke 2 years ago, we have been webcamming to watch over each other.  He bought a really great camera and decided to buy me one as well. However, my system did not like the custom driver installation option. I immediately started getting Dr. Watson errors and Internet Explorer crashes. Figuring I could repair windows xp instead of re-installing, I slipped in the disc, got half way through the install and it froze on me after asking for the networking disc from AMD.

Long story short, I spent three hours on a bogus fix and freaking out that I had lost all my data. Come to find out, I didn’t lose anything but my next problem was that I had no way to data transfer for a complete rebuild. I have approximately 32 GB of music along with priceless pictures on my HDD. When I built the system from scratch 7 months ago, I didn’t account for data transfer or backup. Whoops.

Which brings me to my next story.

My father wanted to play BF2142. He needed a memory and video card upgrade. I wanted to see the inside configuration before purchasing anything, so I plucked the case off the Dell, got the inner specs and shut it. As I boot it up and got ready to leave, I get the blue screen of death. No bootable drive! I’m guessing in the jostle to get the case open, I must have done something to bump or damage the drive.

So I rip out his drive, attach it to my computer, grab his files onto my HDD, format his, transfer all of my documents (which now include his) to his old drive, format mine, re-install windows, and keep his files for the new HDD that we purchased on teh interweb

Whew. So as a result, we both have backup drives, he’s got a new video card, 1.5GB of mem, and is able to play BF2142 with the best of them (including me).

I’m still shaky in installing the webcam drivers…

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