‘Renaissance’ – Chapter One

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It all begins with a choice; one single moment in time where your entire world can change. Some people feel the effects immediately, while it takes years for others to see how events unfold. Yet at any point of reason or exploration, you can trace back every single step…

“How do you control the concept of time when each action can start new world lines in alternate and multiple universes?”

Ella Mills raised her hand as high as she could, calling attention to her small stature hiding among the masses of people in the lecture hall.

“Yes? In the back…”

Ella swallowed and opened her eyes to answer.

“One doesn’t or can’t control the concept of time, for we would be willing servants in an untenable existence. According to one of the multiverse theories, there would have to be multiple physical copies of one person in each break or branch of time. Therefore, there would be no way to harness the energy or ‘go back’; only because if we start off all the same at the moment of our birth, who is to say we are the same people mentally, spiritually, and even physically. There would be no control, but an absence of complete similarity in cases.

She bit her lip and thought a moment as the professor waited at the front of the class for the conclusion.

“Who is to say if we had the ability to return to a previous period, except for the exact moment of our conception, that we would even reach it?”

“You answer a question with a question!” One of her peers shouted loudly with a laugh as the Professor remained quiet and stared at Ella, who quickly took a seat.

The Professor shook his head waving off the pompous interruption as he turned back to the interactive whiteboard, adjusting his voice so the reverberation would bounce off the walls in the room. As he spoke, his words were automatically written in with no touch of a hand and yet it looked as messy as would a hurried professional.

“In almost every cinematic expression we have seen involving the concept of time, we see the very common theme that history is doomed to repeat itself. Or that it is constantly cycled through and through so the same events categorically happen. When travelers from the future entered into the past, and inadvertently messed things up, it’d make for a fantastic plot line. Take the old celluloid, “Back to the Future.”

There were many chuckles in the audience as three dimensional ‘in character’ Christopher Lloyd popped up in the center of the room.

“We all know that Dr. Brown and Marty McFly had to make certain events happen in the same order to have continuity in the future. The writers of this masterpiece even went as far to change things for the better. Subsequently in later sequels, the opposite would become true when a jaunt into the future had disastrous repercussions in the present.

Some would argue that time travel would not be possible let alone the ability to change things to selfishly benefit yourself upon the return from your ‘vacation.’ So this brings me to my next point.” The Professor pointed to a well dressed man in the front row of the auditorium. “What would you change had you the ability to travel either back in time or forward to the future?”

“I wouldn’t have married my third wife!” The man blurted out as he looked around the room for reaction. Laughter quickly followed as the Professor pointed to a blond woman sitting behind the well dressed man.

“I would have worked harder to get Valedictorian.”

As the Professor pointed again to someone, and then another the room filled with laughter at answers now being shouted without prompt.

“I would have had sex way earlier than I did!”

“I wouldn’t have had sex at all, had I known how bad it was!”

Ella Mills just sat there, quietly reflecting on what she would change had she the opportunity and the means, but only wrote one word on the mini LCD she carried with her:


As she underlined the word and looked up, the room was suddenly empty.

“Ms. Mills?”

“Hmm?” Ella sat up in her bed, looking at the wall. A holographic image faded in from black and was now hovering just before the wall in what she recognized as the hotel concierge.

“Ms. Mills, On behalf of the staff of the DoubleStar Hotel, we’d like to extend your morning wakeup call.”

“Oh.” Ella grimaced and rubbed the sleep from her tired eyes. “What time is it?”

“Five thirty, Ma’am.” The hologram smiled, “Is there anything else we can do for you?”

“The seminar with Dr. Jacob Lauda…”

“Yes, that will be starting promptly at nine thirty. We recommend you arrive early, his speeches are constantly mobbed.”

“I know.” Ella mumbled beneath her breath.

“I’m sorry?” The hologram feigned a strained ear.

“Nothing. Thank you, that will be all.”

“Certainly, Ms. Mills. Enjoy your day!” The hologram faded to black with a wave and a smile as the shades in the hotel lifted to reveal the rising sun.

“I already have.”

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