Allyson is a strange little monkey

December 23, 2006 at 10:53 am Leave a comment

My daughter was playing with her big sister’s barbies the other night at the kitchen table. One of them sings a song that basically states;

I’m just like you
You’re just like me
It’s something anyone can see
The heart that beats
The heart that speaks the truth
Yes, I am a girl like you.

 Well apparantly, she’s NOT a girl like Allyson. For my daughter was playing happily with the silent (and naked) barbie just fine. I was putting laundry away when I heard the familiar song and then the obviously upset cries from my redheaded sprite. I ran to the other room to see if she was hurt, and after a quick examination, I surmised that she was uninjured.

About five minutes later, the same thing happened again. Rushing to her side, nothing was physically wrong. She calmed down and five minutes later…

So what did I do, to commiserate in misery…I video taped and slapped it up on youtube. I’m such an evil mommy.

 Click here for the brainwashing Barbie.

Now, I don’t know… but I’m wondering if she just thinks naked barbies just aren’t supposed to sing, or she really didn’t like that ‘You’re a sheep, so conform to all that is Barbie’ song. I’d like to think with the brains she’s exibited in the past, that it was the later. You go, Allyson — be yourself!

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