Battlefield 2142

December 3, 2006 at 4:57 pm 1 comment

So I bowed under the pressure and finally went out and bought BF2142.

All I can say, is “Holy Shizzer.” It’s fantastic, when you’re not playing on Titan Mode.  (although, when you get to launch yourself  in a pod at the huge enemy ship, it’s pretty fracken awesome.)

There is something almost primal when I hear the sound of an EMP going off or a mech walker coming my way. It completely freaks me out. The only way I can possibly explain the feeling is if I’ve experienced the sound and feel of it.

Did any of you sort of shiver when the raptors came on screen during Jurassic Park? Your conscience self couldn’t have experienced the monsters live, but there was something about their intense gaze and amazing speed that made you want to duck for cover.

This game feels the same. Instead of reveling in the past as you would face to face with a Velociraptor, perhaps this what our human instinct is preparing us for in the future. Our footfalls overshadowed by a large mechanical robot who’s out to gun us down.

Scary future, but hell of a game right now…


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  • 1. smhofman  |  December 4, 2006 at 4:38 pm

    I love an immersive game. I haven’t played this one yet, but my all time favourite immersive experience has to be the Max Payne series (parts 1 & 2). Couple of things that make these games great.

    First and foremost, the story. Magnificently written film noir. Dark and haunted hero with a raspy voice, urban setting, crime and murder, femme fatale. Mmmmm.

    Then, almost tied for #1, the music. Absolutely brilliant soundtrack with violins, piano and cello. Sets the perfect mood.

    Third, graphics. Easy engine with great performance, graced with hand drawn comic style intermissions.

    Lastly, good light-resistant curtains and candles. You know, to top it all off and just play it like it’s meant to be played. 😉


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